A Man of Fashion in Wintertime
Happy New Year again 2014
Happy New Year 2014
A Fashion Curiosity Nov. 18, 2013
Halloween 11-3-2013

A Fashion Curiosity Nov. 18, 2013

Today’s meeting at Iris Apfel’s brought an unexpected surprise.

Hanging on the wall of this noted fashion maven was treasure of fashion history.
It was a small 16th c. painting, attributed to Greuze, of a woman sporting a fashion accessory that I find fascinating & bizarre.
This little painting, a long-time treasure among my personal files of fashion curiosity, shows a woman wearing a ZIIBELLINO.
The Italian word for sable, this fur stole was greatly popular with fashion conscious ladies of 16th  & 17th century Italy and elsewhere.
It is said that these pelts provided more than a sumptuary need for warmth or status, as flea repellants.
They supposedly attracted fleas that would otherwise have infested the wearer’s body.
The trend became extreme, with the Zibellini themselves being adorned with gold masks and mittens, often jewel bedecked.
Attached, the first painting, is Iris Apfel’s, followed by other paintings of Zibellini.
The ways of the world…
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